Your Parish Council is a group of eleven people elected or co-opted to represent the village as part of the official governing system linking with Horsham District and West Sussex County Councils. They are overseen by a Clerk employed to ensure due practice and processes are followed and minutes recorded.

They meet, as a whole, monthly and hold other meetings for specific purposes as published here. Public are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings to bear witness, and to speak when invited to speak (alternatively the public may write or talk to the Clerk to have their matters raised).  N.B. New matters raised by the public at the meeting have to be published ready for the next meeting so as to ensure all interested parties have the opportunity to respond (the matter will not normally be debated at the same meeting it is raised unless conclusive information is already to hand from previous meetings).

No Parish Councillor has any power to act alone, and must act only on the instruction of a meeting of the Parish Council or bring the matter back to a meeting so as to get direction. For this reason Parish Councillors have to make it clear if they are speaking as a member of the public or as Parish Councillor when attending other meetings and events.

Councillors (11)

Chairman:  Nigel Spiers (E), Vice Chairman: Judith Stillwell (E)

Councillors: Malcolm Woolley (E), Terry Kearney (E), Ken Wood (E), Sebastian Cox (E), Richard Strudwick (E), Samantha Ball (C), Graeme MacPherson (C), Louise Di Castiglione (C), Tiena Currell (C)

All Parish Councillors give their time freely and receive no financial reward for the time devoted to the Council. Councillors are elected (E) for a four-year term. Any vacancies during that period are filled either from a by-election or by co-option (C).

Councillors Registers of Interests:

Register of Interests update forms:


Parish Council Committees

Parish Council committees are required to meet in public, with the meetings being minuted by the Clerk. Within its terms of reference, a committee may be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Council.

Finance Committee: Tiena Currell, Graeme MacPherson, Judith Stillwell, Nigel Spiers, Malcolm Woolley.

Planning Committee: Terry Kearney, Nigel Spiers, Judith Stillwell, Malcolm Woolley.

Staffing Committee: Sam Ball, Tiena Currell, Nigel Spiers.

Council documents and reports

The documents listed below are available for you to consult.  You may open them directly in your browser by clicking on the document title.

Freedom of Information

Ashington Parish Council aims to make information available to the public as part of normal day to day activities. If there is information that you wish to see but is not on the website then please contact the Clerk. The Parish Council has adopted a Model Publication Scheme – click foi_document_december_2013  to view the Model Scheme or foi_publication_list_december_2013 to view the available list of Publications.

Council Regulations

Standing Orders: The Standing Orders regulate the way in which the Council conducts its business.  Parts of the Standing Orders are mandatory and are laid down by Acts of Parliament, whereas other are adopted voluntarily to assist in the formal running of the Council’s affairs.  The Standing Orders are largely taken from a nationally published set of Model Standing Orders.

Click Standing Orders May 2017 to view the Standing Orders.

Financial Regulations: The Financial Regulations govern the conduct of the financial transactions of the Council.

Click Financial Regulations updated May 2017 to view the Financial Regulations.

Councillor Regulations

Terms of Office: Extracts from the Local Government Act 1972 specifying the legal qualifications and disqualifications for holding office as a parish councillor.

Click terms_of_office to view the extract from LGA 1972.

Parish Councillor Application Form: Form for completion by anyone offering themselves for co-option as a parish councillor when there is a vacancy.

Click application_form to view the application form, then select print to print a copy for completion by hand.

Declaration of Acceptance of Office: Declaration required to be signed by every councillor prior to taking up office as a councillor (whether by election or by co-option).

Click declaration_of_acceptance_councillor to view the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Members Code of Conduct: Code of Members’ Conduct which all parish councillors are legally required to observe.

Click code_of_conduct_june_2015 to view the Members Code of Conduct.


Code of Practice for Handling Complaints: This explains the differences between complaints against Council employees , complaints against individual Councillors , and complaints against the Council itself .  It explains the different ways of reporting and handling each type of complaint, and also sets out in detail the Council’s Complaints Procedure for handling informal and formal complaints against itself.

Click code_of_practice_for_handling_complaints to view the Code of Practice for Handling Complaints.


Other Council documents:  accident-form     equality_policy    lone_working_policy model_disciplinary_procedure_2015 model_grievance_procedure_2015 risk_assessment_august_2015 sickness_abscence_policy