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May 2019 - HDC Healthcheck and update on draft Plan

20th May 2019« Back

The draft Plan and supporting evidence was sent to Horsham District Council for a 'healthcheck'. Feedback was received last week and the news is positive. Apart from some formatting & referencing amendments and a few corrections to text and map updates there are no significant issues. "The Plan has been positively prepared. There are no significant showstoppers and it is envisage the Regulation 14 consultation will further refine the Plan positively."

The Steering Group, in conjunction with the Planning Consultant, is dealing with the necessary amendments and it is the intention to ask the Parish Council at its meeting on 6th June for its approval for the draft Plan to move to the next Phase of preparation - Regulation 14 Pre-submission consultation. It is likely that this will take place sometime June, July, August and exact dates will be published in due course.