Neighbourhood Plan

Current Status:

A draft Neighbourhood Plan is currently being written and final site assessment work is informing our ‘preferred site options’. It won’t be long before we have our shortlist of sites.

Ashington PC has been awarded a grant of 9k by Groundwork UK to further fund the services of our Planning Consultant for much of the remainder of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Previous updates:

We asked Site Promoters to identify which of our Needs and Priorities they are prepared to deliver on their Site. The deadline for responses has now passed.  This information, together with our Site Assessment work, will inform our preferred sites choices. It is our intention to consult on the preferred sites with the Community later in the summer with a view to Regulation 14 consultation on the draft Plan in the early Autumn.

We have recently completed the following pieces of work:

Community Asset Audit,

Centre of the Village consultation January to March 2018

Community Needs and Priorities May 2018 Final


Community Asset maps:

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have consulted with Natural England, Environment Agency & Historic England on their draft SEA Scoping Report (Ashington SEA Scoping – draft for consultation, Jan 2018) and with Natural England and HDC on their draft HRA Screening report (Ashington HRA Screening Report – draft 1) and responses have been received.

The Steering Group has completed a summary of ‘Community Needs & Priorities’ document which will help Site Promoters identify deliverable community benefits.

Site Sustainability Assessment update: Site Promoters were sent our Draft Site Assessments on 6th December 2017 and given until 12th January 2018 to respond. Responses were received from Sites: 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 22, 23, 26. No responses were received from the other sites so it is taken that they had no further comment to make. Responses will be analysed and amendments made if necessary. Further details will follow in due course.

Agendas: STEERING GROUP MEETING Agenda 29th January 2018

Draft minutes: STEERING GROUP MEETING Minutes 29th January 2018

An up to date map of sites is available (amended January 2018) to reflect change in land ownership affecting Sites 22, 23 and consequent newly separated Site 27:


Response from Glebe Surgery regarding potential new homes in Ashington and GP Surgery provision: A ‘worst case scenario’ of 200 new homes generating 800 additional residents shows that all of the additional patients can be accommodated at their planned new medical facility on Glebe Field, Storrington Glebe Surgery Oct 2017. Pulborough Medical Centre has also confirmed that the additional patients can be accommodated at their Surgery Pulborough Medical Group. Ashington is also served by Steyning Health Centre but no response to the Clerk’s enquiries has been received yet.

Response from WSCC Education regarding the potential impact of an additional up to 200 homes in Ashington: shows that there are no plans for future expansion of Ashington School and that any additional pupils can be accommodated in the wider Locality.WSCC Education response. There were 38 applications for places in reception class 2017, 8 applicants were initially placed on a waiting list in priority order and the 8th priority applicant (who lives outside of the Ashington catchment area) secured a place, meaning that others chose not to accept their place at the school. Places are prioritised to catchment area pupils.


Draft Vision & Objectives: Vision Objectives and Policies v7 This document was approved by the Steering Group on 20th November 2017.

The Parish Council has recently submitted an Infrastructure Schedule 2017 to HDC for approval: Infrastructure Schedule Ashington 2017

Ashington Parish Council has appointed Navigus Planning Ltd as its Planning Consultant. Chris Bowden will assist the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on its journey towards a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment for Ashington in early March 2017. The draft report has been sent to Horsham District Council and a formal response has now been received. The final document is now available: Ashington Housing Needs Assessment, final, July 2017

HDC has advised that “As Ashington’s NP is looking to undertake site allocations there is an assumption you will be required to undertake a SEA as part of the plan making process. HDC has a standard screening opinion on our website and a guidance note”.  Website documents: SA_SEA-Guidance-Note-2015 and HDC Standard-Screening-Response- Based on this information our Planning Consultant will begin work on the Scoping Report in July 2017.

Our ‘Assets and Treasures’ report has been updated to clarify the status of our Local Heritage Assets Assets & Treasures 2017 v4a. Developers should consider the importance of the local heritage assets and present information on the heritage of the asset as part of any site submission or planning application proposals.

The draft State of the Parish Report was approved by the Steering Group on 19th June 2017 and version 2a has had some minor wording amendments: State of the Parish Report 2017 v4a

The Steering Group held a Visioning workshop on 4th July, details on the Steering Group page.

Last Steering Group meeting was 19th June – draft Minutes are on the Steering Group page.

Part 1 Site Assessment decisions have been made:

Rejected because of their isolation from the BUAB – Sites 3,7, 18, 21, 25

Rejected as the owner/agent has failed to respond to our Part1 site assessment correspondence – Sites 20, 24. Site 14 was originally rejected but contact has been re-established and paperwork completed.

UPDATE JULY 2017: Site 19 has secured planning permission (DC/16/2049), Site 17 has been withdrawn as planning permission refusal (DC/16/2235) was overturned on Appeal. Therefore,  17 sites will be taken forward to Part 2 Site Assessment: 8 are at least partly within the BUAB (Sites 1,11,12,13,14,15,23,26); 6 are abutting the BUAB (Sites 4,5,6,10,16,22); 3 are proposing business uses (associated with an existing business or adjacent to a business park, Sites 2,8,9).

Progress to Part 2 is NOT an allocation of sites – just an indication that we want more information on proposals that meet Community and Housing Needs.

Part 1 & 2 submissions:

Site 1 Chanctonbury Nurseries, Rectory Lane – Chanctonbury Nurseries – Ashington NP submission,  Chanctonbury nursery planSite 1 & 16

Site 2 Land adjacent to Spring Gardens – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016-4-2Site 2Site 2 & 9 photo

Site 4 Land north of Oast House Farm, Billingshurst Road – Site Assessment Part 1 – Land at Oast House Farm and land adjoining Meadow House, Billingshurst Road, Ashington, RH20 3AZSite Location Plan – Land at Oast House Farm and land adjoining Meadow House, Billinghsurst Road, Ashington, RH20 3AZSite 4 photoA2322 – SK02A – Illustrative Site Layout

Site 5 Land at Church Farm House, Church Lane – Completed Site Questionnaire Final Nov 24Site MapSite 5 photoSite 5 Appendix 1

Site 6 Land at Church Farm, Church Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 5 December 2016 IssueP1225-Site plan-002Site 6 photo6500-sk04b

Site 8 Land at Kensetts Stables, Hole Street – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016-4 2Site 8Site 8 photo

Site 9 Land at Lodge Farm, Malthouse Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016 LODGE FARM REV1lodge farm 1-1250Site 2 & 9 photo

Site 10 Land west of Glebe Farm, Rectory Lane – 26844 A3 TR Stage 1 Site Assessment ProFormaOfficial Copy (Title Plan) – WSX46499Site 10 photo

Site 11 Land at London Road – Site 11 Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016Site 11Site 11 photo

Site 12 Land at Church Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016-4-4, no map available but land encompasses narrow strip of land including Scout Hall, car park, Sports Pavilion, old Village Hall, Site 12 photo

Site 13 One Acre land at Foster Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016-4-3Site 13Site 13 photo

Site 14 Land at Ashington Mill, Mill Lane – Mill Lane mill Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016NP MAPSite 14 photo

Site 15 Old School, Rectory Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016-6Official Copy of Title Plan old schoolSite 15 photo

Site 16 Chanctonbury Lodge, Rectory Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016-7 Rev12016 – Map of Chanctonbury HouseSite 1 & 16

Site 22 Land north of Glebe Land, Rectory Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016 SPARROWS LAND REV1Rectory Lane, Ashington Site PlanSite 22 photo

Site 23 Land East and North of Old School, Rectory Lane – Site Selection Criteria – Ashington Glebe (Revised 12.12Ashington Glebe – Title PlanSite 23 photo

Site 26 Land at The White House, Mill Lane – Site Selection Criteria Part 1 November 2016 The White House Ashington REV2Site 26 mapSite 26 photo,

An updated project plan has been produced – there has been some slippage due to a number of reasons but it is still expected that a Draft Neighbourhood Plan will be produced by the end of 2017 PROJECT PLAN December 2016

Status of Neighbourhood Plans: following the recent overturn by the High Court of Henfield’s Neighbourhood Plan it has been decided to hold a full review of the work done to date on the Ashington Neighbourhood Plan to make sure it has all been done comprehensively and that our Call for Sites and site assessment/selection strategy is acceptable. This may lead to some delay with progress. A new Neighbourhood Plan Officer has been recruited by HDC and has met with the Neighbourhood Plan Clerk & member of the Steering Group and a summary of the meeting is available Meeting with HDC 9th January 2017.

Community Consultation: is well underway. A detailed Survey is being produced based on information gathered from many open events, general surveys, drop-in sessions, feedback from community groups, focus groups etc. A Business Survey was undertaken in November 2016: business-survey-summary-dec-2016, a Young Persons survey was done analysis of youth survey. The results of all surveys will be used to produce a State of the Parish report. It is anticipated that the detailed survey will be distributed in February 2017.

Call for sites: A total of 26 sites will be considered within the Neighbourhood Plan. A list of sites can be seen here: site-submissions-23rd-november-2016

Part 1 Site Assessment Decisions Update July 2017

Maps of sites: 

Ashington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group recently agreed upon a two part ‘Site Assessment’ process for all those sites submitted for consideration in the Neighbourhood Plan.
Part 1 will assess basic compliance with HDC’s HDPF site-selection-criteria-part-1-november-2016
Part 2 will assess details of development proposals and how they will benefit Ashington. site-selection-criteria-part-2-november-2016

Only those sites passing Part 1 will be taken forward for Part 2 assessment. We appreciate that we have not yet completed our State of the Parish report so our community needs are not yet documented. Part 2 assessment is reliant upon our State of the Parish Report so will take place once we have completed this work.

Focus Group work has now begun. A SWOT analysis has been completed and the results will be used to develop a detailed village survey.focus-group-swot-analysis-sept-2016

A General Summary of the SWOT analysis can be seen here. This gives a more ‘broad-brush’ picture of what residents consider to be the main Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in Ashington. swot-analysis-summary

The results of the General Village Survey have been analysed. We have separated the raw data out into our 5 Focus Group headings to allow for easier analysis and each can be viewed here: Community MattersEconomy and BusinessEnvironmentPlanningTransport and produced a headline summary which can be viewed here: Summary of Results v1.

A Community Profile of Ashington is now available and will be used to identify key parish statistics appropriate for consideration in the Neighbourhood Plan. RuralPlaceProfile_E04009948_Ashington

Karen Dare is the Neighbourhood Plan Clerk, supporting the work of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee and Focus Groups.

A draft Project Plan has been produced:  DRAFT PROJECT PLAN December 2015. As of 14th October the Community Consultation period is running behind schedule due to the difficulty recruiting Focus Group members and delayed Focus Group start over the summer holiday period. However, the Call for Sites work is on schedule.

A Frequently Asked Questions document on Neighbourhood Plans has been produced FAQ September 2016

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